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Organized crime has existed since the creation of the world, but has evolved over time. Before the 1920s, most organized crime consisted of gambling and prostitution. The passing of the 18th Amendment significantly changed organized crime for many years. It gave rise to bootlegging, gangsters, gang wars, and other various crimes. Bootlegging became the main source of income for gangsters, helping them fund their other crimes. Overall, the passing of the 18th Amendment caused organized crime to broaden and become a much larger industry. America had started to see much more crime and violence early in the 1900s due to the large increase in immigration. Many Americans had believed the source of these crimes and other downfalls of fellow Americans…show more content…
Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York and quit school in sixth grade to join a gang. After murdering two people in New York, he fled to Chicago, (-) where he joined a gang run by James Colosimo. Johnny Torrio, a friend of Capone’s who invited him to join the gang, had Colosimo murdered and took his position of running the gang. Al Capone was then put in second command of the gang. Once Torrio was shot by a rival gang, Capone became the leader of the gang. Capone quickly became the most feared crime boss in Chicago, organizing machine gun attacks and paying off politicians and police officers. One of Capone’s most well known attacks was the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. On February 14, 1929, Al Capone had organized a hit on a rival gang. Two of his gang members dressed up as police officers and pretended to arrest seven members of the other gang. While the seven gang members had their hands raised, facing a wall, the police officer imposters open fired on them with machine guns. Although the whole nation knew Capone was behind the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, he was never charged with the crime because there was a lack of evidence against him. Later in his life, Capone was convicted of tax evasion. After being in prison for eleven years, Capone was released and spent the rest of his life in Florida until he died in

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