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Oriflame skincare is one of the world's fastest growing and beauty companies who sell direct. The products are being sold in 61 countries, and they lead the beauty market in over half of these. They founded in 1967, by two brothers. Their main idea was to create a beauty company that could sell beauty products. Thus, Oriflame was founded. The 45 years on, the concept of Oriflame remains the same. They utilize the multi-level marketing and direct sales business model to sell their products and services. That means that the company manufactures the products and has an independent sales force that sells the products to customers.

Oriflame use the CRM system benefits in their markets. Oriflame has two target audiences. The first target market
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The most important reason is the high-quality products like cosmetics, products for body and hair care, color cosmetics, fragrances developed based on natural ingredients, and they combine the best of nature and science. Although customers are vary in their needs, preferences, everyone will find something that suits him or her. All the products are manufactured in factories Oriflame dermatologically tested and not on animals. It is tested on human volunteers in order to ensure their effectiveness and safety for even the most sensitive skin. Personal Oriflame's Research and Development center gives Oriflame greater flexibility over product development. By lengthening and deepening its product mix the company keeps satisfying its consumers with newly developed products but also keeps up with its competitors.

Their products are sold exclusively through a global network of independent Oriflame Consultants. They also have other methods to sell you the product you want immediately. Apart from the online store, you can email your product list along with your full name, address and mobile number, or you can call them and place your order by phone and Fax. Besides they set a strong customer service team. If you don't buy your product in the bricks and mortar, and when receive your product and you don't satisfy enough, you can use this convenient service to protect your
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