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Orissa Tribal Tour Orissa is an amazing land known for its ethnicity and cultural heritage. If you are looking to interact with the traditional culture, practices and the people then there is no other better place than Orissa to travel and spend your vacation. Orissa is called as the homeland of tribes, there are 62 types of tribes which constitutes 29% of its population. With this you can clearly know that Orissa is one land that is rich in culture as well as modernization of thoughts of practices. The Orissa tribal tour includes the travelling to these little villages, interacting with their people and getting to know about their practices. The tour includes visiting weekly markets, fun fairs, trekking, hiking and many other adventures…show more content…
The Puri has many temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, among which the most prominent one is the Puri Jagannath temple which is the destination for many Hindu traditions worshipped particularly for Krishna and Vishnu. It is highly revered deity of the tribes of Orissa. The temple is again one of the oldest temple of Orissa, and is not accessible to Non- Hindus, but can be admired and viewed from the roof top of the town library. The street leading to the temple is the place for hawkers and stalls that sell wooden status, paintings, handicrafts, arts and many other wares dedicated to the god. The day ends in the Hotel in Puri with…show more content…
Travelling through the green forests of Orissa, you will reach the tribal area. The lunch will either be in Lungola Street restaurant or Lunch Box. On the way, you will be halting at the traditional village of “Taptapani” which is renowned for the “hot sulfur springs” and also rich in the culture and ethnicity of Saura Tribal Villages. The journey will continue to Rayagada and stay will be in a 3 star hotel in Rayagada.
• Day 6: Rayagada – Bisamkatak – Rayagada: The day will start with the visit to Bisamkatak to visit the weekly market Majhiguda where the tribes from the Dongoriya Kondh come to sell their wares. They are the tattoo faced tribes who are developing rich in the irrigation, medical facilities, plantation, and handicrafts and have been adopting modern culture. In the noon, you will be visiting some of the traditional villages of artisans and craftsmen and evening return back to Rayagada for overnight stay and dinner.
• Day 7: Rayagada – Chatikona –
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