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Greatness found in an Orphanage My life before visiting an orphanage, I used to complain a single trifle thing in my fate. I always had got or made sure to myself to be furnished everything that I wanted to have among my list no matter what. If I couldn’t have it, I was going upset and frustrated easily. Besides, I used to look down on people whose standards are unlike me. Basically I was being cocky and was lost for fulfilling my endless desires. Thinking about my past, I was the one who making myself to miss a happiness and forget what is really important to me in my life. One day, I had a chance to visit a nearby orphanage which was organized by my school. Firstly I had felt boring as this trip would be an unexciting trip. Frankly, I had thought that the people there would think or act same like me but they just don't have parents. After we had prepared and packed our donation items, the bus started to drive. It took 1 hour to get reached and finally the orphanage appeared. It was placed in a rural area. When I entered the orphanage, there were around sixty to seventy children standing there looking at me as well as my friends marvelously, excitingly yet hopefully with their limpid eyes. We had introduced ourselves one by one to them…show more content…
As expected, goodbye was always a hard time for everyone. The orphans were reluctant for we were about to leave which was pathetic to me. I was worrying that these pure kids would feel empty later and wait for people to come again. While I was thinking about this and becoming sad, the girl who had been with me for today came to me and gave her bracelet. I was stunned. She said "This is a bracelet I made, I hope you have this and remember me whenever you see it." I asked myself that am I deserve to get this. After I took a bus and on the way back school, I couldn't forget her face and her true heart remained steadily in my heart like her
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