Essay On Osteomyelitis

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How you ever experienced having a deadly disease?.Only 2 out of 10,000 get it, so it’s a pretty rare condition. Osteomyelitis is a bone infection that can be deadly if not treated quickly or if not treated correctly and if so, the infection will spread throughout your body and the only way to get rid of it and keep it from infecting more of your bones would be to chop off the infected bone(s). For example let’s say your finger got infected if not treated quickly or correctly it would spread upward towards your shoulder and the doctors would have to chop your arm off before it goes into your bloodstream. I was at Wisconsin with my family somewhere in the end of July and I cut my toe in the pool, thought it wasn’t a big deal so I kept on
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It took some effort and it was painful especially at night where I don’t do anything else but feel the pain in my toe. The throbbing in my foot became unbearable and I had kept putting off telling my mom about it because I absolutely hate doctors and needles. My toe had become a bit swollen so I told my mom, ¨Be careful next time.¨ and my mom thought it wasn’t really bad so she didn’t bring me to the doctors instead soaked my feet in salt water, which is known to help injuries, and applied iodine on the area and wrapped it…show more content…
It was a monday and my mom and I drove to my doctor, she was aghast at how the doctors treated our problem. She took x-rays of both my feet and compared them, ¨Her toes infected, the pus is way too close to her bones, I don’t like what I see...¨ She gave us a note to have an MRI appointment it’s like an x-ray but more detailed not just bones and it scans parts of your body thoroughly and throughout that you aren’t allowed to move or you’ll mess up the pictures and it’s a very long scan mine took about 40
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