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September 24-29 our Theatre Appreciation class was encouraged to see Western Kentucky University’s production of Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town in Russell Miller Theatre. Our Town delivers a message for how we should live our lives: to the fullest. We should appreciate every moment because we may never get a second chance. The play jumps from Emily’s wedding day to her funeral in the blink of an eye, emphasizing the idea that our lives are fleeting. From the very beginning of the play, death is present in the Stage Manager’s narration. He makes it clear that the events we’re about to witness are told in retrospect, and this understanding casts a pall over the everyday occurrences we witness. The characters onstage (with the exception of the deceased Emily) do not recognize the brevity of their lives. Prior to attending the play, I did not expect it to be something that would interest me. Halfway through the play I was surprised at how easily the play was flowing. Transitions between scenes were planned accordingly. The play kept me thoroughly entertained and overall very thrilled that I attended. The actual script was well-written and easily followed. The actors did more than enough to make the play as enjoyable as possible through humor and overall great acting and also making it clear that they are thoroughly enjoying…show more content…
To my surprise, I did not see a cell phone at any point in the play. Everyone in the Audience was very attentive and very much ‘hooked’ on the play. The actors made sure to keep the play interesting and they made sure that the audience was enjoying the play and had good understanding of what was going on. Overall, Western Kentucky University’s production of Our Town was a great success. I would recommend this play to anyone who enjoys a nice ‘drama’ and would like to go out of the norm of a
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