Essay On Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

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In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell attempts to prove that success is based on more factors than the general public believes. While hard work is important to the prospering of the very successful, the sheer circumstances presented to those individuals gave them a far greater chance of success than their peers. Through the use of statistical analysis, very well organized writing, and many quoted authority figures, Gladwell exemplifies his phenomenon very clearly with little ambiguity. Much of the book is based on science and the data it consists of, so using statistics and data is a prevalent practice throughout the work. In many cases, Gladwell will make a claim, then proceed to back it up with ample amounts of evidence, such as “Here is the roster of the 2007 Medicine…show more content…
When talking about an airplane crash, Gladwell writes, “‘It’s a classic case,’ said Suren Ratwatte, a veteran pilot who has been involved for years in ‘human factors’ research, which is an analysis of how human beings interact with complex systems like nuclear power plants and airplanes. Ratwatte is Sri Lankan, a lively man in his forties who has been flying commercial jets his entire adult life.” By using a source that is clearly credible in the field being spoken of, the thoughts and ideas, likely shared by Gladwell will carry more weight than if the author himself had presented these concepts to the reader. Even if the concept matter is somewhat inconsequential, like human activity in France for peasants, he still cites, “historian Graham Robb”. In citing experts whenever possible, Gladwell also comes across as less of a know it all, and more of a scholar. No one wants to read one guy spewing his opinions nonstop for a whole book, but by using others’ thoughts with his, he comes across as more of a well read intellectual than pompous
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