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Throughout this paper, we will explore some of the problems associated with a rapidly growing population leading to overpopulation, such as an increase in hunger, a loss of land, and a loss of resources received from the land. We will discuss when the problem began and the history of how fast the world’s population has multiplied from the lack of contraception assistance due to cost or availability; consequently, resulting in the overpopulation problem. Furthermore, I will purpose the righting of these problems will contribute to the solution. Moreover, we will discuss who and what are affected by the overpopulation problem. I will argue that population growth will be reduced with the use of Reproductive Education License of Four…show more content…
23-24). Now put yourself in this room, close quarters and hungry. You see a rat over in the corner. Would you fight for it? You probably said no, but that is because you are not starving, and no one is inside of your personal space for now. The world’s overpopulation crisis will lead to an apocalyptic end with conflict over land and food.
The problem originated from the beginning of time. When God said “Be fruitful, and multiply…” (Genesis 1:28, The New King James Version). Multiply the world has. The United States Census Bureau (2017), reported the following “the world population increased from 3 billion in 1959 to 6 billion by 1999, a doubling that occurred over 40 years” (International Programs: World Population Growth Rates: 1950-2050 section). If the world’s growth rate doubles again over the next 40 years, the outcome will be catastrophic, bringing the population total to twelve billion people on the planet by 2039. However, the Census Bureau anticipates a slowing of the “growth rate” with only a 50 percent increase over 45 years (International Programs: World Population Growth Rates: 1950-2050 section). Even with the Bureau’s anticipated data on the decrease of the growth rate, it is not being accomplished fast enough. Kuo (2012), reports there are over a billion people with no access to food, clean water, or sanitation (p. 23-24). Furthermore, the number of people without these resources will only intensify with any increase of the world’s

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