Essay On PHS Ambassadors

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“Impact is the product of time courage and unity”—PHS Ambassadors. This is the motto which under I arise every day when embarking upon another day of work and interaction with those around me. A morning never goes by without me confident smile with everyone from my family, friends, and even the occasional dog passing in the street. As one who would consider himself an introverted individual. It would seem that I am not the person whom most people would view as the leaving behind an impact of influence upon others. However, I would kindly have to step in and disagree, for in embracing my introversion; I have never in my life felt more connected to the world and those around me than ever before. I am the individual who is quite and to many…show more content…
Initially, being the type who at types struggles with entertaining a multitude of conversation with others. I found myself concerned at the prospect of whether I would be able to have success with a rowdy group of kids whose perception of being calm was to yell across the room while I dodged the flying pencils, paper, and the sobbing individual? I was to discover that one of my freshmen had recently had gone through a terrible family event which for discretion will not discuss here. However, at that moment I was needed to help support a freshman who was struggling— I ensured that everything would be ok while the lonesome tears ran down my face, how could life be so unfair to someone so young and innocent? I was in utter sadness with the unpredictability and cruelty of life and would soon come to find that many more of my freshmen had also gone through similar experiences and many withheld the pain within themselves and yet still
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