Essay On Palliative Care Vs Hospice Care

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For some people, preparing for an unforeseen or eventual serious illness makes just as much sense as preparing for an eventual death event in their life or in the life of a loved one. As such, our article covers one growing trend in health care: palliative care.

Just what it is, and how does it compare to another form of health care, hospice, is what we provide our readers to help them know their choices--should and when this time comes.

The Palliative Care Versus Hospice Care Focus

Let's start by giving an example that makes it more clear as to the very definite difference between the two forms of care available today.

Having just undergone spinal surgery, a young woman learns she also has a form of cancer. Constantly in pain now, for both the spinal condition and the advancing cancer, her family physician wisely advices her of two
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Palliative vs. Hospice: Other Issues Addressed


Palliative Care

More than likely, medicare covers most, if not all, of your expenses, if they are administered through a hospital or approved medical provider.


Insurance coverage for hospice varies somewhat from one carrier to another. Some programs provide subsidized care for those needing economic help, or for those who have no insurance stipulation for hospice; however, most hospice programs come under the coverage of medicare.


Palliative Care

While most palliative solutions are not truly end-of-life focused, there can be exceptions to the rule. Therefore, consulting with your physician is recommended before enrolling in a palliative care program.

An explanation of treatment philosophy, process and protocol will help give one a clear view of what to expect from the offered program.
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