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The parker space probe is set to be launched in the window of 31 July and 19 August. Using Venus’ gravity, the probe will orbit around the Sun with decreasing time period. After seven flybys around Venus, this probe will achieve a speed of about 200 km/s and a distance of 8.5 solar radius from the surface.[1] The main objective of the mission is to expand our understanding of solar corona and solar winds which directly influences the space weather surrounding the Earth. This space weather affects the life and society on Earth and so it is important to understand these solar winds. HISTORY: The Sun has been a measure source of knowledge since the past century. Being the nearest star to the Earth, the Sun is easily accessible to study…show more content…
This upper atmosphere and the magnetic field form a coupled system with the Sun and the geospace. This coupled system and their interaction with each other is studied under the Sun-Earth Connection program.[4] The Sun is a hot ball of gas made of hydrogen. Most of its gas is in the fourth state of matter known as plasma, where the gas heats up to the point where atoms break up into plasma. The Sun’s plasma is so hot that it escapes the Sun’s gravitational field. This escape of plasma from the Sun is also known as Coronal Mass Ejection or CME. The escaped plasma forms the solar wind which blows out of the Sun and travels across the solar system with a speed of 500 Km/s, interacting with the planets’ magnetic field and atmosphere. These interactions result in the change of the planets, or in our case, the Earth’s magnetic field from the dipole magnetic field to a plasma-swept magnetosphere. The interactions also produce current to flow through the Earth’s upper atmosphere and the magnetosphere causing neon-light like effect resulting in the formation of aurora.[5]The Sun’s atmosphere also results in other effects such as prominences and solar flare. The solar flares eject high energy particles and gases which are about 13 million oC. These solar flares also cause strong space weather changes by producing a stream of highly energetic particles which impacts Earths magnetosphere.[6] Thus, these solar winds and solar flares are an

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