Essay On Peak Performers

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A peak performer can come from anything and can be any age. Peak performers are good and results and telling information. I also like how peak performers learn how to face their fears of making mistakes which I understand because I to make mistakes as well and I'm not perfect and sometimes even peak performers make mistakes as well as a regular person would that's not on a peak performers level. They also look into results which I'm the same way I have to look into results to make sure everything good and that it's right you can't just do something and not have the right results. I'm also not perfect I agree nobody is perfect yes I can say there is times you have perfect moments but I can relate to not being perfect and you can't be perfect over night and you can't get perfect during the night.

With self-assessment I understand that it helps me know what is a good way to learn best and right now with self assessment I'm tying to juggle my time with work and school right now my main focus is school more than work and I say this just because I can be at work and do some of my school work at work while I'm on break and sometimes I do have to motivate my self to use my time wisely when it comes to school. There is times when I do get side tracked with
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I would honestly have to say my writing is okay its not the best just like my reading its not the best but its fear and I know I have to keep trying and trying just so i can be better and my writing and reading can be clear so a person can understand what I'm reading and what my writing is about. I feel like I struggle the most in and I picked these to because I know it's a lot I have to improve on with the two subjects but I know if I practice and practice I'll be better at my
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