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Sabrina L. Frank
June 27, 2017
BMGT 1101 Online

The Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Pepsi Company Inc. is Indra K. Nooyi. She won the John Wooden Global Leadership Award (2012). Indra inspires a positive influences the world of business. Indra goes on a blog post to send messages to her employees to keep up a good relationship with the employees. She likes to think up strategies and for Pepsi and she will write those down. She also promotes inclusion and diversity program and, also has leadership programs and lots of training. Pepsi has plants in about 200 countries and has most of its business in United States. They have six divisions in operation internationally. PepsiCo Europe is the business division and is
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They are also anticipating on investing about 5 billion in the India market around the 2020 timeframe to strengthen their hold on the market there as well. Pepsi has the changes to work on with the consumers wanting to have safer healthier food choices. They are looking at local farming and the government to help them locate farms near their production areas to save money, but also have a better product. Pepsi is really working on trying to keep up with the new trends in taste preferences of their customers. The Threats for Pepsi appears to be from all the other national brands, and new brands on the block trying to take over the snack or beverage industry.
The other issues is the generic brands that are a much cheaper choice for the consumer as many are watching their spending and going for cheaper and healthier choices.
The other threats are the water issues and the poor quality in many locations not just in the United States, but internationally as well. Water is the major ingredient used at Pepsi for their beverage products. This issues alone is causing the cost and the profit to affect the company.
The labor wage increase is rising and with the new mandated minimum wage hikes and the workers that are fulltime are resulting in much higher labor cost than in the past. This will in turn cause a ripple effect on the profit margins. Pepsi

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