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Perfection in the Form of a Room “Are you ready for the tour?” I ask you. “Yes” you say and I welcome you as you step into my massive bedroom on the second level of my home, the faint smell of lavender and vanilla wafts into your nose and you gasp, astonished at the rooms beauty. “This is it” I say as you slowly observe your surroundings. You glance to your left and watch as a series of lights hanging from the ceiling flicker on, they glimmer in the bright sun shining through the large open window on the ghostly white walls. Through the window you see a vast valley, you squint and can see mountain peaks in the distance. The wind wails and echoes around the room, but is quickly drowned out by the music that automatically begins to play. You…show more content…
I tap the screen and you watch as the channel switches, I tap twice on the left side and the volume goes up, twice on the right and the volume goes down, “That’s so cool” you say. I lead you over to the dark wood double doors and they swing open with a whish to the sound of my clap. “Behold, my glam room!” I say to you. You step inside and notice that the back wall is all glass, without a speck or smudge on it in sight. “How do you keep it so clean?” you say, “like this” I say and a flying robot appears and swiftly wipes the unexistent dirt off the mirror. I move across the room and sit upon a red fluffy stool. On either side of me stands a tall matte black Ikea makeup organizer filled with my daily essential makeup and brushes. I click a circular indent on the mirror, which appears to do nothing and I retrieve a few items from the drawers and drop them into thin air, where they hover. “The button removes gravity in this small section of space between my organizers, which allows them to do this. I stand up and look around the room, you do the same. A perfect selfie mirror is on the far wall, with a touchscreen pad to change the lighting and background. A hair station is on the right wall where a variety of hair tools and products sit on icy white shelves. Beside it, a glowing light up sign with the word “XOXO hangs. I guide you over to the left wall where 3 doors stand tall. We enter the first door which leads to my shoe closet, if you’d even call a room this size a
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