Essay On Peristomal Skin Moistness

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In both the intervention and control groups in the present study, peristomal skin color was normal, and pH, moistness, and temperature measurements were within the normal ranges. There was no evidence of malodors, lesions, symptoms of infection, or maceration. Therefore, no peristomal skin problems were encountered, which might be explained by the short duration of monitoring (7 days).
Although the literature does not indicate how long it takes for peristomal skin problems to form, studies with patients with an ostomy indicated that this problem is frequently observed between 3 weeks and 2 months post-surgery.20-22 It is possible that peristomal skin problems are caused by mucin secretion from the stoma.
The mean peristomal skin moistness in the control group (46.90 ± 0.132) was significantly greater than that in the intervention group (41.71 ± 0.774). Although the level of moistness of skin differs by body part, the normal level is considered 40–55%.23 The use of barrier cream in the intervention group is likely responsible for the decreased skin moistness level because it
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Although the accepted normal pH of skin is 5.5, it varies between 5 and 6.31 The pH is affected by factors, such as moistness and temperature, that make the environment more acidic or alkaline because of their effects on hydrogen ion activity. There are inverse relationships between pH and both moistness and temperature. Increased skin pH (more alkaline) causes dry and itchy skin. In addition, slightly acidic skin pH (5.5, on average) is important for maintaining the skin flora within certain limits. In the present study, the mean peristomal skin pH with the use of barrier cream was closer to the normal value, which is important for maintaining skin integrity and preventing
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