Essay On Perseverance In Odysseus

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Perseverance is a character trait that several Greek heroes have. The Odyssey, by Homer, is an epic about an Ancient Greek hero named Odysseus, who is trying to get back home to his family in Ithaca after the Trojan war. During his journey home, the greek goddess Athena helps him face his many trials that often have to do with the Gods in some way. When he finally returns, there are many suitors in his house that he kills, and then everything finally returns back to normal. Perseverance is what made Odysseus’s return back home possible, and with enough of it, one can achieve whatever they desire.
In the book, Odysseus faces several situations where he is trapped on an island for a long period of time, but through perseverance, he is able to escape. Towards the beginning of Odysseus’s journey home, he comes to the land of the Lotus Eaters. They share their lotus fruits with Odysseus’s men, and then all the men become reluctant to return home, saying they want to stay on the island. Odysseus must keep trying to get them on the ship, and if he was not persistent enough with his men, they never would have left the island. Later on in his journey, he ends up on Aeaea, which is the goddess Circe’s island. Odysseus and his men end up staying there for a year, and then they finally realize that they want to go home. After Odysseus talks to Circe about wanting to leave, she agrees, but tells him he must go the the Underworld before returning home. He is not happy about what he has
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