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Personal Injury Attorney Why You May Need A Personal Injury Attorney You are caught up in the everyday hustle-bustle of life to don’t anticipate the need for help from a personal injury attorney as you start your day. But you will feel differently when you consider the myriad of potential dangers you confront on a daily basis, including unsafe drivers, faulty steps or walkway, aggressive pets and defective products. While not all injuries are caused by negligence or reckless behavior by another party, many wrongful actions of individuals, companies, or government entities result in serious injuries and in some unfortunate cases, death. Nebraska’s personal injury laws were formed to establish civil liability for such negligent actions and intentional…show more content…
In these circumstances, where you share some of the blame for your injury, Nebraskan courts apply a “modified comparative fault” rule. This means that your financial compensation may be reduced or eliminated depending on how much is your fault. As long as your fault for the injury is under 50%, you are entitled to some compensation. It is important to get experienced and capable attorneys to ensure this stipulation is satisfied and you receive the best possible compensation in these circumstances. • Damage caps for injury cases – in the state of Nebraska, financial compensations in medical malpractice cases are restricted to a certain maximum amount and you cannot be awarded more than that for damages. This amount includes economic expense claims such as medical bills and loss of pay, and noneconomic claims such as pain and suffering. But keep in mind that these caps do not apply to all personal injury cases, only those resulting from medical malpractice. If your case is not medical in nature, you need an attorney that pushes to get the maximum compensation
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