Essay On Personal Narrative-I Didn T Like Lobster

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I was born on August 4, 2000, the third child of Jill and Greg Taylor of Buxton, Maine. I have two older brothers. My childhood was like anyone else who lives in suburban America. I can remember playing soccer, going to friends’ houses, stuff like that. I have a memory of wanting a movie from Redbox, but my mother screaming at me because I was being annoying, and some woman yelling at my mother for that. I’m only 16 so I haven’t done much in life yet. However, here are some things about me. I have a dog named Chester, he’s a golden retriever and he is really fat because our neighbor feeds him all the time. Chester is 9 years old and i’m scared he is not going to live forever like I always thought he would. I hate school very much, I don’t like getting up in the morning, don’t like doing work, and I don’t like people. I’m a mainer so…show more content…
When I was younger I played soccer and always had the dream to becoming a professional player until 6th grade came and my parents didn’t want to drive me to my games so I quit. I don’t really like a lot of people because most people just bug me, so if you’re someone ill actually talk to congratulations. When its comes to a dream job I don’t really have one in mind but it would definitely be a hands on job that I can do by myself. I have a passion to travel the world when i’m older if I get the opportunity, if I could pick one place to go it would probably be australia because it just sounds like a really amazing place to visit. If I had to choose a place to go in the United States it would be some place warm because I really don’t like the cold. I love the fall because it’s not ridiculously cold outside like the winter and I like to see the foliage. I hate heights
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