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My personal reflection

It has been my first experience to observe a lesson in a school setting since I arrived in the U.S. All I have seen in this mainstream classroom seemed to leave positive impressions about the interactions between the teacher and students. As a teacher, most of the instructional strategies carried out during the lesson were quite familiar, others were quasi new for me for the fact that the context I am used to is far different from this one I have observed. It is commonly agreed that teaching and learning have general principles shared worldwide that any teacher can adjust him/herself to any learning environments. However, the context in which those principles are applied makes a big difference in ways students with culturally and linguistically diversity receive an instruction.

During the class observation, some relevant aspects called my attentions. These aspects included all instructions provided, the learning setting, student’s behavior and discipline, and teacher’s expectations. Instructions are essential tools employed to provide guidance and directions to what students are expected to perform and be able to bolster skills and acquire a body of knowledge. Although the majority population of students was Spanish speakers, English was used as the language of instruction. Students received all instructions in English, and Spanish was used to help LEP students understand clearly the activity and the meaning of words. It was clear that the teacher applied sheltered instruction. According to Goldenberg and Coleman (2010) sheltered instruction consists of several strategies and techniques employed to assist ELLs learn academic content regardless of their proficiency in English. For the vocabulary test, teacher used verbal cues by applying the use of certain expressions such as “I need you to look at the list”, “please grab your sheet of paper”, “Listen to me not to your mates”, “Who’s with me?” to ensure that students were on the same track and paid sufficient attention to what was being instructed. Banikowiski (1999) state that cues either verbal “words” or nonverbal “sounds” are necessary to engage students’ attention that there is upcoming information. Teacher and students used a

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