Essay On Persuasive Speech About Marijuana

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I must tell you something, and I know it will upset you, I tried marijuana last night. The words from my friend’s mouth slapped me across the face, I can almost feel the sting now as I recall the experience to you. As her words sunk in I started to wonder if our friendship could survive such a betrayal of trust. Forgive or not, this is the dilemma I found myself in as I listened to my best friend confess that she did something we both promised each other we would never do. She and I met at a fish fry our parents were co-hosting when I was five years old, neither of us knew at that time we would one day become best friends. Her father was a deputy sheriff and mine a police officer. Fish fry’s and other outings were common for our…show more content…
I was worried our friendship may not survive without trust being restored, after all trust is such an important element of friendship, without trust a relationship has no foundation and absent a foundation the relationship will not stand. My friend explained she did not enjoy her experience with marijuana and that she was disappointed with herself for giving in to peer pressure. She apologized to me and said she was very sorry for breaking our promise. She vowed to never make the same mistake again and told me she wanted to be a positive role model for her younger siblings who look up to her. We were freshmen in high school when this occurred and our relationship was strained but not broken. The following year my friend volunteered to speak with some under classmen about her mistake of experimenting with drugs. Over the next several months she proved to me that she was committed to making something positive out of such a bad decision and I noticed I was starting to enjoy her company again. Soon we were the same fun-loving friends we had been for so many years before. I had come to forgive her so gradually over this period that it was hard to remember ever being so upset with her. She had repaired our friendship by being a good role model, by committing to helping others not make the same mistake, and by not giving up on me. Looking back, I realize I needed her to do all these things to earn my respect and trust. Through
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