Essay On Philosophy Of Early Childhood Education

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My philosophy of Early Childhood Education is utilizing the child as a deposit on a bank account. The reason why I refer to my philosophy as a deposit is because of the knowledge gained over years as they matriculate throughout their collegiate career. I feel that education is a lifelong process and the building blocks of learning are developed in the early stages of life. Early Childhood Elementary Education should provide the academic, social, and emotional basics to children. Giving them the sense of learning at early stages as well as taking what has been learned and using it along the rest of their journey. I feel that all children should have the highest quality in learning and a teacher to go along with it. As a teacher it’s our responsibility to…show more content…
This is also the time when everything little matters. From having dramatic play to playing in centers, this is where it begins, giving the children a sense of comfort as well as love to make them feel comfortable. This is the beginning of a lifelong adventure that one teacher can change a student’s life forever. Giving them all the knowledge and power needed to move on. I believe that’s why I chose the field of Early Childhood and family education, because I want to be the one who gets the first impression of many impressions of teachers. I want to be the teacher that along each child’s journey they look back and say Ms. Nelson was the first to help me spell my name or the first to help me learn my colors.
In conclusion, I genuinely know that a quality education is when all students are successful and make progress no matter what level they are on. It’s the beginning of many to come and I want to be the teacher or better yet the educator to make a difference in each child’s life. So my philosophy if early childhood education is to instill material for kids to take along as they matriculate throughout their academic
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