Essay On Physician Assisted Suicide

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An individual’s ideology has a large impact on their attitude (Bulmer, et al. 2017, Choi 2013, Gielen, van den Branden, and Broeckaert 2009, and Jacoby 2010). Individuals who are liberal tend to have a different attitude towards physician-assisted suicide compared to individual who are conservative (Bulmer, et al. 2017, Choi 2013, Gielen, van den Branden, and Broeckaert 2009, and Jacoby 2010). This is due their attitude that government should take action in order for all citizens to achieve national uniformity (MacLean, 2006). This belief can be applied to legislation surrounding physician-assisted suicide. Liberals may have a more positive attitude regarding physician-assisted suicide due their belief in government intervention. If the…show more content…
These extreme Fundamentalists live in an area with one of the highest child mortality rates in the country. This is because they believe that it is God’s will when a child gets sick, and will not intervene. When children get infections, they will not receive antibiotics, and doctors will not intervene if they start to die since these Fundamentalists believe this is God’s will (Stanger 1987). They will then not support physician-assisted suicide, believing that terminal illness is also God’s will. This alters their attitude surrounding physician-assisted suicide legislation, making those who are more religious less supportive of legislation surrounding it (Braun, Tanji, and Heck, 2001, Burdette, Hill, and Moulton 2005, and Gielen, van den Branden, and Broeckaert 2009). It is clear that an individual’s religiosity has a significant impact on their attitudes. This literature review has discussed the different characteristics that affect attitudes regarding physician-assisted suicide. This technique showed that individuals with a medical education are more likely to support pro physician-assisted suicide legislation. It also showed that ideology and religiosity of the individuals are factors. This literature suggests that physicians and nurses should be supportive of physician-assisted suicide legislation than civilians, due to their medical education. I argue that individuals with a medical education, such as doctors and nurses,
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