Essay On Pinkie Promise

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RPE 9.1 1-Pinkie : At first, this word referred to me as the 5th finger of the hand, as in the expression “pinkie-promise”, thus, I did not find right away the correct definition in the list, but after a little while, I assume that pinkie was first of all referring to something small, and that is why I matched it with the h), a small sailing vessel with a sharp stern. 2- Princeton : Having heard this word before only to refer to the University of Princeton, I matched it with the correct definition b) a man’s short hairstyle. To me, the high standard and great reputation of this college reflects the appearance, or at least, the stereotype of the student’s look there, with a very classy hairstyle for boys. 3- Poison apple : Those words automatically…show more content…
5- Sill cock : I never heard this word before, and I couldn't think of any good match in the definition below. I knew sill had something to do with a window, however sill cock was a total unknown term to me, thus I didn't guess that it was actually d) a water faucet placed on the outside of a building. 6- Skunk’s Misery : I never heard those words before, and I think it was the hardest for me to match. The word misery led me to think that it might correspond to the f) a trick, a deception. But the word Skunk and the possessive -s after it was unknown to me, so I couldn't figure out the definition c) a nickname for an non-important or out-of-the-way place. 7- Prairie : Thanks to the knowledge I have in French, I automatically connected the prairie to a vacant lot or city block (g). 8-Sandy : I first thought that sandy was an adverb to define something made of sand, thanks to the suffix -y, and I didn't find the correct definition in the list, f) a trick, a
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