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Two company history 3. Company profile 4. Walt Disney The most prestigious company, Walt Disney established in 1923. About the Company: Disney is the leader in the animation industry, known for providing range of entertainment movies; cartoon and they are targeting both adults and children simultaneously. Disney is dominating in the animation industry by having international theme park and a world class animation studio at their panel. Mickey Mouse, the most popular name began with Disney, and were the foundation of the company that has now division into several entertainment studios, media production and theme park. (Walt Disney Characters) Company History Nobody can deny the importance of Disney company in the entertainment industry…show more content…
As Disney started developing its computer animation later than the other competitors in the animation industry. (Disneypixar Audit). At the time when Pixar generated more than 30 billion dollars from its 6 animation motion pictures, Disney struggle with its production. For example, Chicken Little, though perform better than its other movies, it is still not be able to compete with Pixar animation. (Disney-Pixar) • The decrease in competition is another motive for Disney. Because both are different entity, the competition in the market becomes high. Especially, Disney cannot compete in term of producing the animations that attract customers as much as Pixar. Pixar is the large player in the industry. It is possible of collaboration between Pixar and another big studio. And that will be expensive if Pixar had fallen into other’s hands. Therefore, merging with Pixar will gain benefits to Disney greatly. (Disney Pixar) • Disney can also increase its revenue by merging with Pixar. Disney has been declined in the recent years. The investors begin shifting their interest in more rapid growth in the media industry. Merging with Pixar will help them gain more stock price. Disney can also get more profit from merchandise, theme park using the characters from Pixar’s…show more content…
Pixar negotiated for Disney, just doing distribution and Pixar would control the entire article and the property in the movies and the films in production under the old agreement. They also wanted financial freedom, which means that they would be the films on their own financing and collect all the profits. Disney received only 10 to 15 percent of sales fee. Pixar stated that they do not receive a fair share of movies revenue, and it is trying to cut short deal with Disney. Therefore, the two companies would not concede to the agreement and the alliance

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