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In colloquial language plagiarism is the concept of stealing someone’s piece of work or someone’s idea. It is clear that plagiarising is unjust and immoral, however now a days it is becoming more difficult to come up with original ideas as the media allows students to have open access to all information and the producer or author must be very careful to not use somebody else’s work unintentionally and claim it as theirs. It is important to educate students about plagiarism as it can carry major consequences. The concept of plagiarism with reference to policy will be outlined and also the steps helping students and authors to avoid plagiarism in this assignment.
In it’s simplest meaning plagiarism is the attempt of claiming somebody else’s
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These are: Copying, presenting a mixture of their own and somebody else’s ideas and paraphrasing another individuals work without acknowledging their source.
Copying is considered plagiarising when taking another authors work, that includes taking another students work. Copying is regarded as plagiarising regardless if the person got permission or not, because they are still claiming somebody else’s work as their own.
Presenting a mixture of their own and somebody else’s work in most definitely considered as plagiarising. As the person is using another persons work without acknowledging their source and claiming that work as their own, even if the copied percent of their work is minimal the individual can still be convinced of plagiarism.
Paraphrasing another individuals work without acknowledging the author or publishing company is also classified as plagiarism. This includes web sites. As the student is gaining information on a topic they are writing about without giving credit to the original author.
In addition there are certain levels of plagiarism. For example cheating or patchwork writing. The first is done on purpose however the second is usually done unconsciously by an inexperienced student or their lack of understanding of academic conventions. The third level of plagiarising is when a student is trying to take bits of work from a number of publications and form an unsatisfactory whole. What
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