Essay On Playing Under The Water Song

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1-Review previous lesson: (five minutes)
Review the previous lesson by playing Under the Water Song (1). Make sure the students move with the song and say the animals’ names out loud while the song is playing, for example, when they hear “fish” they should say fish and move their hands and body like a fish. After that, show the children different pictures of dead sea animals. Ask the children what they think about the pictures.
2-State lesson objective: (one minute)
Read, and ask the students to read after you, the lesson objective that you wrote on the board. The objective is: The First Grate students will be able to figure out the problem of the dead sea animals and state a solution for it. They will work in groups to create a Recycle trash cans for the school’s classrooms. They will take ten minutes to do that.
3-Present the new material:
Use inquiry lesson plan to create investigator learners. Follow the seven steps below to teach First Grade students
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Ask the children to create a Recycled trash can by using these materials. The children may color the box, paste the pictures, write a sentence about the importance of recycling, and list the trash that should be in the Recycle trash can. After the groups finish their work, put one of the Recycle trash cans in the classroom and share the other in other classrooms.
6-Review periodically with corrective feedback: (four minutes)
Use Round Robar Round Table Strategy. Provide one paper and one pen to each group. Then, ask the children to list five solutions to help sea animals stay alive. The paper and the pen will be passed from one student to another in the group. The student who has the paper and the pen should write one answer, and if he/she does not know an answer, he/she should pass the paper and the pen to another
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