Essay On Police Body Cams

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Police body cams can make a difference in society and make it safer for the coming generations and since the technology is becoming better then the police officers will have better technology and improve the cams and make them better for the officers. These body cams can be improved by making them record more longer and make then have a longer battery charging power. Police officers feel that they should wear these cams that way there’s not that much hatred on them because of the murders of some African Americans that other officers did. Also they feel that these cams will make a change in them and make the police officers better in making them feel that they are being protected with these cams. These cams can also work for making them more usable in all the states and officers actually using them because these cams can make a difference in the police systems around the states.
Body cameras can be the change we need for the U.S. to prevent these African Americans been murder by police or any race can be murder by police but these cameras can be the thing that can make police officers better officers. Some people are going to be with me and agree with me but others might
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It is saying that “Recent surveys suggest that about 25% of the nation’s 17,000 police agencies were using them, with fully 80% of agencies evaluating the technology. The agencies like these cameras and liking their technology and how they work. How do they use these cameras? well it states in the same article that “On- officer recording systems” (also called “body cams” or “cop cams”) are small, pager- sized cameras that clip on to an officer’s uniform or are worn as a headset, and recording audio and video of the officer’s interactions with the public. Body cams can really be a win for all if the states use
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