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“I'm telling these tears, ‘Go and fall away, fall away’ May the last one burn into flames”. This is from a line in Beyonce’s song Freedom saying; Rather than falling into despair, black women have formed The Black Lives Matter movement to take action on racism and abuse. Police brutality is not only a problem within The United States, but a global problem with six other countries participating including Europe, Africa, England, Amsterdam, Ireland and the United Kingdom. In 1991 the brutal beating of Rodney King by the Los Angeles police was a moment in history that now defines the way that African Americans are treated by police officers. Since 1991, police brutality has gone up 66% according to USA Today. In 1992 a riot was formed to…show more content…
Many famous African Americans believe in advocating on what Black Lives Matters does in 2017 Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar wrote a song about police brutality and BLM called Freedom. In that song Kendrick, talks about how the news sees BLM as a hate group and don’t understand what they are fighting for but they are going to keep protesting until a change has happened. Another example of well-known people standing up for BLM is the professional basketball teams The New York Knicks, The Cleveland Cavaliers and the L.A. Lakers including the following players Derrick Rose, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant all these men wore shirts that said “I can’t breathe” before their game in a reference to the death of Eric Garner where he uttered “I can’t breathe” before he died after a choke hold was applied by the arresting police officer. Anti- police brutality is not saying that every African American is a great person and shouldn’t get consequences for their actions it is about believing that excessive force and killing is unneeded. If someone is doing something that violates the law, they should face legal consequences, not broken bones or death regardless of race. The way that protests have been impacting others is not an effective way to go about things during these protest many people have gotten injured including police officers. There are more appropriate ways to protest for what you believe. Some way they have inappropriate

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