Essay On Police Brutality

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Acts of unnecessary force or acts have led to wrongful sentences and sometimes death. Police jobs are to protect and serve for the safety of the citizens and properties of the people of the United States of America. Police brutality has changed the views of many Americans outlook of the job and duties of a police officer as well as the secure of safety. Police brutality is a crisis in the U.S in which Riots, Protest, took place to put a stop to police brutality and targeting African American communities. An organization was created #BlackLivesMatter in stance to police brutality against African Americans. Police brutality is a major issue and people should be punish for abusing their authority against innocent citizens. Police brutality is because the court is protects our law enforcements as a resulting to a broken system The job of police officers is to maintain public order, prevent, and detect crimes. They are involved in very dangerous and stressful occupations that can involve violent situations that must be stopped and controlled by any means. In many confrontations with people, police may find it necessary to use excessive force to take control of a certain situation. Sometimes this makes an officer fight with a suspect who resists being arrested. Not all cops in communities are great cops. The article “Minority Threat and Police Brutality: Determinants of Civil Rights Criminal Complaints in U.S. Municipalities” by Malcolm D. Holmes from the University of Wyoming,

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