Essay On Police Violence

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There have been many disputes over the use of police violence in the last decade. Some cases that have gone national are Michael Brown in Ferguson, Freddie Gray in Baltimore, and Eric Gardner in New York City. All of these people have been killed by police officers during self-defense or other individuals think it is because of racism. Gene Demby worked for the Huffinghton Post and is a part of the National Public Radio’s Switched. She has given input on why these cases have gone so national and why police violence has been used. Police have a duty to protect and serve their city with great responsibilities. These cases have formed activist groups such as Black Lives Matter. This group believes that some white police officers single African Americans out because of the color of their skin. Police have to respond to action and all of these cases listed above are controversial. They all involve a white police officer taking a life of a young African American male. Heather Mac Donald received her education at Stanford, Yale, and Cambridge; she is an American conservative columnist and Thomas W. Smith fellow at the Manhattan Institute. She gives some facts in Milwaukee…show more content…
Police officers are good individuals and want to make their community safe, but when the wrong action is taken at times it’s hard for the public to trust them. The public needs to respect police officers and listen to their orders so no deadly incident occurs. Some people think they don’t have to listen to officers, which causes more problems and leads to deadly situations. Diversity and respect towards police officers can help solve police violence and will lead to less crime committed. Lastly, the media needs to stop instigating or making these cases a big issue, when they don’t have all of the facts. It leads to the public to make an assumption that could be wrong which could lead to
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