Essay On Polonius In Hamlet

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Facades always Collapse “Thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell!” (III.iv.31). Polonius, a character from the The Tragedy of Hamlet the prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare, contributes as a small antagonist, who all throughout the play tries to undermine Hamlet. As the advisor to the king and has two children, one, a son who goes to school in England and two, a daughter “dating” the protagonist of the play. Polonius is misleading and conniving all throughout the play, where he tries to trick Hamlet many times, and wants him dead most of the play. As the first character to think that Hamlet is faking is antic-disposition, Polonius will try to essentially find the gossip on everything and blow it out of proportion only for his benefit.…show more content…
The advisor to the King, Polonius, exists as a very fake and superficial man. He always talks about unimportant things, but transpires as a clever man. One point in the play where Hamlet and Polonius are talking, Hamlet puts on a huge antic disposition, making Polonius not positive that Hamlet assures insanity, so he whispers to himself “Though this be madness, yet there be method in’t.” (II.ii.223-224). He discusses how Hamlet tells Polonius how old he truly looks. Polonius takes much offence to this, but realizes that Hamlet isn’t entirely crazy, he kind of thinks he puts on a show for those around him. Being harsh, lying, invertebrates, Polonius and the King decide to hide away many times during the play to spy on Hamlet. Once again, they were almost seen by Hamlet right before he was questioning life. Polonius talks to the king saying “with devotion’s visage/ And Pious action we do sugar o’er/ The devil himself” (III.i.53-55) which discusses getting Ophelia a Bible to look innocent while they listen to hear if Hamlet has truly been affected by hysteria or if he wears a facade. Polonius, will try to essentially find the gossip in everything and put it out of proportion so only he will benefit and be more noticed by
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