Essay On Positive And Negative Reinforcement

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Negative Verse Positive Reinforcement of Children Throughout childhood, reinforcements are used to continue certain actions or terminate them. Negative reinforcement verse positive reinforcement has an extreme impact on how a child psychologically develops through time. Positive reinforcement is defined by Sigler as, “In the most classic definition, positive reinforcement is a method of identifying to children which behaviors are acceptable and appropriate and which are not” (249). Negative reinforcement would be the opposite. Many people tend to ignore the positive things like a child playing nicely on the floor with their toys while yelling or giving them harsh punishment when they begin to throw the toys around. The “pleasant stimuli” parents can give their children need to be offered to them during times of them playing nicely on the floor instead of scolding them when they do something undesirable. A way of doing this positive reinforcement, instead of just saying “You are playing very nicely”, would be to get down on the floor with them and begin to play alongside of them to ensure they know this is positive behavior. There are both positive and negative reinforcements in parent/child relationships present in our pieces of literature read throughout the course. Along with the positive and negative reinforcements, there are also many literary elements to enhance the reinforcements through the poems and short stories. Positive reinforcement continues to be studied as
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