Essay On Practice Fusion

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This was my first time using practice fusion. I thought it was a bit difficult at first because I am not sure where things were, but watching the videos and doing the lab made it easier to understand. I find that Practice Fusion is user friendly and intuitive. I knew exactly where to go to create a new patient, and inputting the data into the computer. I feel that practice fusion has many benefits. First, it is a system designed to increase health care efficiency and productivity by removing the paperwork, and create a standard practice that allows clinicians to access all information on the computer. This system improves coordination among physicians to prevent severe/moderate/mild drug interactions that can harm the patient. This system integrates different other functions such as pharmacy prescription, orders, referrals, and secure messaging, which allows better communication among health care providers. The problems with practice fusion was difficulty navigation in certain areas. For example, the lab orders, imaging are not found in the chart section. It must be accessed through home tab, followed by documents. Another problem with practice fusion includes the ability to edit the information…show more content…
Meaningful use improves care coordination, quality, efficiency, and safety for patients and physicians. It allows the physicians to provide the best possible quality care that may prevent diseases through safety of patients, patient centeredness, timeliness, equity and accessibility. The clinicians can see who is most effected by the disease, what age group, and what gender, and what age group through health care analytics. As a result, the physician can be educated on what precautions to take in the future, in order to improve his expertise and knowledge. As well as learn which medications treat the condition on the effected group of
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