Essay On Prescription Opioids

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This study also discusses about Gender-specific aspects which should be taken into consideration to identify those group of people which are at highest risk specifically for abusing of prescription opioid. the best way to control this issue is Prevention and applying intervention efforts which will be the best cure Research shows that women represent a large and growing population of prescription opioid abusers (Cicero et al., 2008; SAMHSA, 2006 ; Tetrault et al., 2008). Unlike for heroin, an equal or greater proportion of women appear to abuse prescription opioids (Kelly et al., 2008 ; Simoni-Wastila et al., 2004). In some studies it shows the correlation etween abusing of the prescription medication and abusing of alcohol and the other type of drugs.…show more content…
For example, women drug abusers are more likely than men to report psychiatric problems (Lin et al., 2004 ; Milani et al., 2004) and histories of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse (Galaif et al., 2001 ; Gentilello et al., 2000) which put them at greater risk of abuse of drugs. The studies showed that this issue is not only in the United State , but it also very common in all around the world. Studies conducted outside of the United States suggest worrying increases in abuse of prescription opioids among women who obtained these drugs through their own prescriptions (Anon., 2005 ; Lloyd, 2008). In another study also showed the same result which is women tend to abuse prescribed medications more than men (Isacson and Bingefors, 2002 ; Simoni-Wastila, 1998) and are more likely to report prescription opioids as their primary drug of abuse (Office of Applied Statistics, 2001 ; Office of Applied Statistics, 2005). Even though this study prove the rate of addiction is higher in prescribed medication in women than men but it does not go over the type of medication that they are more addicted to. Following shows some statistic based on this
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