Essay On Presidential Authority

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A miseducation by a great deal of the American people has resulted in a controversy stirring between two groups; concern for Obama’s abuse of executive orders and an opposing view that Obama’s conducting efficient use of presidential authority. The first party’s claim that Barack is taking part in unlawful and unconstitutional use of power, in need of being checked, is largely supported by the SLBA’s (Sierra Leone Bar Association) motivation to limit the use of executive orders and “supreme executive authority” in the proposal of revising the constitution. The conductor of the presentation for the SLBA’s position paper to the Constitutional Review Committee, Francis Ben Kaifala Esq, explained section 40 of the 1991 constitution as a prominent violation to the separation of…show more content…
In pursuit of this, Kalfala, being a private legal practitioner, assigned Justice Cowan to evaluate section 40 of the 1991 Constitution; contributing that the committee should provide clear extensions and boundaries within which presidential authority may be used, thus limiting future abuses of presidential power. Michael C. Burgess hold a very strong view in the situation, stating that Article I and Article II of the U.S. Constitution entrusts all legislative powers to Congress and assigns the power of legislative execution to the President. He goes on to further describe how Barack Obama chooses to disregard this fact repetitively in how "The Executive Branch has made a habit of bypassing the legislative process, acting far beyond its delineated authorities. The President continues to promote his big government agenda--violating Congress' constitutional oversight of checks and balances… President Obama must withdraw and allow the Legislative Branch to do the job that the American people elected it to do”
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