Essay On Prison Industrial Complex

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Some people may not know what a Prison Industrial Complex is. The official google definition for it is The term "prison–industrial complex" (PIC) is used to attribute the rapid expansion of the US inmate population to the political influence of private prison companies and businesses that supply goods and services to government prison agencies. Prison systems make money off the prisoners. The more prisoners they have more money they make. Prisons are private institutions. Prisoners get charged per day for phone calls and things and they also work for free. Prisons should be banned because instead of it being a correctional facility it is a business that makes money over inmates. African Americans play a huge role in one of the mass
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People with low social statuses are probably more likely to commit crimes. There is no guidance in black communities, there is no people to tell them someone to not do something, We are in the right positions according to them, they want us to break the law so they can arrest us and incarcerate us and make us work for free. The school to prison pipeline is something serious. Students that fight , get put out of class, and sent to the principal office are probably more likely to go from school to prison and its just ridiculous how easy it is for someone else to follow in that person’s footsteps. They want us to believe that committing crimes is cool just because you are from an area that is low in the social class. If you look on social media all you see is “ Free this person “ and “ free that person “ and it’s ridiculous because that is just what the Prison and law systems want. I know there are a couple of lawyers that have the motive to try and get black people committed. I don’t know his name but he says black people killed his parents so I guess that he is trying to get
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