Essay On Prison Mental Health

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Mental Health Disorders in Prisons
How are mental health disorders developed? Researchers say it is as a result of people living in poor and dilapidated conditions. For example, imagine living in a non-therapeutic, stressful environment for decades. It would be safe to say this would eventually bring about some mental complications later in life. Mental illness has always been a major concern in today’s society. Unfortunately, due to harsh sentencing laws created by our most trusted politicians, prisons are becoming overcrowded with mental patients. Combined with a shortage of beds in mental hospitals has turned many of these facilities into makeshift psychiatric wards.
Lawmakers deemed the living conditions in a majority of these jails cruel and inhumane. The culture of abuse and brutality in the United States prison system, which delivers the leading prison population on Earth has mostly been obscured from the public. However, due to social media and leaked out videos from these various institutions the public is becoming more aware of the barbaric mistreatment of prisoners. Mental health qualifiers are continuously being dumped in prisons instead of psychiatric hospitals across the country, resulting in overcrowding, inadequate treatment,
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Based on these individual screenings as morning intake comes to a close, estimated results confirm that 45% of the inmates processed show clear signs of mental illness (News, V. 2015, April 7). However, they are housed according to their crime and not their mental ability, due to a lack of resources and funding. Not to mention that these patients should not be incarcerated in the first place. Instead, they should be committed to a therapeutic facility where they can get better, and not eventually producing detrimental results. This in return explains why there is a very high rate of suicides in American
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