Essay On Privilege

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What is privilege? Privilege is the advantages that you are given. Privilege is often taken for granted by the people who have it because they didn’t necessarily ask for it. Privilege is given to you depending on where you live, what you look like, how much money you have, what gender you are, or even your last name. Your race and ethnicity have a lot to do with how you are treated in society.
Race and ethnicity can get confusing and people often use them interchangeably. They are alike because race and ethnicity share common ancestry. But, they differ because race is a persons’ physical characteristics; race can be seen in skin, hair, and eye color. Whereas ethnicity is the culture; ethnicity is ancestry, religion, and nationality. When majority of people look the same, it can cause problems for the people who are different, the minority.
The majority usually has preset opinions on how the minority should act, talk, or look. These opinions are called prejudices and are not fact based. Prejudices thoughts are also sometimes called stereotypes. Prejudice and stereotypes are different from each other because a prejudice is a feeling about a group of people, where a
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Being a white male in America, you’re basically the golden egg. Men have privileges such as making more money compared to women – especially women of color. A persons’ last name could also have a lot to do with how much privilege you have. For example, I’m a waitress at Roma’s Pizza in Bethalto, Illinois I’ve had people come into Roma’s and before tipping, they ask me what my last name is. When I tell them, I usually get a bigger tip; my grandpa is currently on the Madison County Board for Godfrey and Alton, my other grandpa is a union leader, my mom is a teacher, and my dad is a lawyer. My family has lived in Bethalto and the surrounding towns their entire lives – everyone knows
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