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Chapter-2 History and Background

History of Procter & Gamble

In the year 1837, William Procter and James Gamble create a new company: Procter & Gamble. In this year Procter & Gamble starts to sell only soap and candles. This is first objects which P&C sells. After 22 years, P&C employs 80 employees and made a turnover of $ 1 million. In the year 1890 P&C is selling more than 30 different types of soap and William A. Procter assumes the leadership of the enterprise.
1907, the son of William A. Procter, William Cooper Procter became the new chief of the company because his father died. 1930, William C. Procter gives the business into another hand.
Richard R. Deupree will be, now, the new chairman of P&C.

In the year 1931, Neil McElroy, the
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In the Millennium P&C gets again a new chairman, A.G. Lafley is the next President and Chief Executive. 2002, P&C celebrates the 165th anniversary of the company. P&C has $ 12 billion brands in its portfolio; this is representing more of the half of the company sales.

History of Gillette

In the year 1901 the Gillette Company is founded in Boston, Massachusetts. 1904 King C Gillette receives the US patent for razor with replaceable blade. 1905 is the first successful year for the company, because Gillette sold 90.000 razors and 12 million blades. After the year 1907 Gillette Blades will be to have in Germany.
In the year 1967 the BROWN GmbH, an important manufacturer of drying electric shavers and electrical small devices, will be part of the Gillette Company.

1984 Gillette takes another big partner in to the company. “ORAL B”, the company of toothbrushes and mouth care. In the year 1996 Gillette takes over “DURACELL”, the company of big batteries. 1998 is a great year for Gillette. Gillette has created a new shaving system: the Gillette MACH3- Shaving-System. 2001, Gillette has got its 100.Birthday. The Company exists now 100 years and has made in this 100 years a huge
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