Essay On Profiling In Kangkong

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In “Profiling in Georgetown,” Terrence McCoy claims that the app “Group Me” is being abused by the white citizens of Georgetown to arrest African Americans of crimes. Specifically, McCoy argues that the white citizens of Georgetown expressed suspicions about black people for crimes of shoplifting. As McCoy himself puts it, “The Georgetown Business Improvement District has suspended a private messaging service that hundreds of residents, retailers and police officers used to discuss people they consider suspicious amid mounting concern that the application has been used to racially profile people.” Although some people believe the app help with police relations with the citizens living in Georgetown, McCoy insists that the app could be used…show more content…
In my view, the observation of profiling in Georgetown that McCoy suggests isn’t a laughing matter. In addition, black people are being arrested just because they look like a criminal. Some might object, of course, on the grounds that it’s the greater good for the businesses of the community and its people. Yet I would argue that is this really okay, to violate shopper’s civil rights and individual dignity for the benefit of the businesses that operate there. Overall, then, I believe that the Georgetown Business Improvement District should suspend the private messaging app till people can learn how to use the app for important cases instead of racial profiling others just because they look different. The most dramatic element of this article for me is about 70% of photographs posted in the group app showed African Americans of being suspected of committing crimes just because of the way they look to the white community. How this is dramatic to me because its shows how business owners abuse the power or privilege of an app being used for the greater good of helping law enforcement find real criminals instead it’s being used to help arrest black people just because they look suspicious to
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