Essay On Psychoactive Medication

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Psychologist Ellen Pastorino, a Professor of Psychology at Valencia College, states the 2012 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study on teens that demonstrates, “20% mistakenly believe that pain relievers are not addictive, and almost a third believe that prescription medications have fewer side effects than street drugs” (Pastorino, 149). Interestingly, administration of psychoactive medication is a valuable technique of treatment for ailments, but irresponsible use of these substances by patients can lead to addiction. Misusage of psychoactive substances is alarming to medical doctors and psychologists since it can cause physiological, and psychological distress, decreasing overall wellbeing. Additionally, any patient can possibly develop an…show more content…
The origin of addiction is neurological rather than lack of self-control. Medical Doctor David E. Smith, founder of the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, who specializes in addiction medicine, discusses how body strives to preserve neurochemical balance, and what occurs when a psychoactive medication interacts with neurochemistry – a disruption in biological functions. To quote Smith’s article, The Process of Addictions and the New ASAM Definition of Addiction, “As a brain disease, it is characterized by the individual’s inability to stop a dysfunctional behavior fueled by drugs or other repeated activities despite adverse consequence” (Smith, 2). Based on Smith’s research, neurochemical balance within the brain is delicate, and influences behavior – the process of addiction is completely neurological. Addictive medicine takes over a patient’s behavioral regulation. They cannot stop their socially unacceptable behaviors in spite of the retributions – which can decrease wellbeing due to the stress that is present. As a result, medication interacting with neurochemistry affects healthcare because patient’s overall health is at jeopardy from psychoactive medication since it fixes one problem, but causes
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