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As technological advances continue, there has been some growing interest to incorporate more technology into mental health services as a way of increasing accessibility to these treatments. One way of doing this is through telehealth (Gros, Toder, Tuerk, Lozano & Acierno, 2011). This is a type of treatment that takes advantage of telehealth communication technology and uses it to provide assessment and treatment to patients. These services are quickly gaining popularity and has shown some advantages over the standard, in-person treatment we are used to. First, as mentioned earlier, providing treatment through telehealth gives individuals who live in areas where their treatment options are limited, a chance to seek treatment and get the…show more content…
It leaves us wondering if this type of therapy can be transferred over to other individuals seeking therapy for PTSD for entirely different reasons. Narrative Exposure Therapy. Narrative exposure therapy was developed by researchers and specialists who were associated with the organization Victims Voice (VIVO), which is an organization that works with victims of organized violence and crime (Morkved, Hartmann, Aarsheim, Holen, Milde, Bomyea & Thorp, 2014). Narrative exposure therapy is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy in which the individual constructs a detailed, chronological report of their own biography, focusing specifically on the traumatic events. This is done in cooperation with a therapist who aids in the process of overcoming avoidance, restructuring autobiographic memories and ultimately achieving habituation. Narrative exposure therapy is designed to help individuals who have experienced multiple traumatic events since the therapy incorporates the persons entire life rather than just one specific event (Hansel-Dittmann, Schauer, Ruf, Catani, Odenwald, Elbert & Neuner, 2011). Narrative exposure therapy was developed to treat the specific and unique needs of individuals from non-western cultures. Specifically, refugees who have experienced

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