Essay On Public Health Mentorship

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During my time at OSU, I will complete an internship with the Summer Public Health Scholars Program at Columbia University. This experience is highly probable because I exceed all of the requirements for this opportunity i.e. ( GPA, major, class Standing) This experience fits perfectly with my career goal of becoming an occupational therapist while also allowing me to experiment with other medical pathways that may, in practice, interest me more. Through this program I will have the opportunity to work in a clinical setting, alongside like-minded peers and mentors, as I experience the typical day of a health provider through their many health field tracks. I have prepared for this venture by working with one of my academic counselors, Courtney Garcia, to understand the mechanics of obtaining an internships and the direction I want my school work to go as it coincides with the graduate…show more content…
Predominantly, it will help to fulfill my internship requirements to graduate from OSU. Supporting this, it will help me to fulfill admission requirements for whichever graduate school I select to go to. Along with these two points, it will help me to expand out of my comfort zone and move to a big city, such as New York, and learn a different culture and mentality than I am accustomed to in Oregon. The experience of working in clinical rotation with mentors would be beneficial in giving me access to information on how I make my dreams come true through people who have succeeded in what I want. Essentially, with the help of this experience, I can truly grow out of a school mindset and into one of the possibilities that come with building my own career. I have been in school for years, and although one never stops learning, once I am out of college I will have so many option choices. An internship can help guide me to the one that suits me best; this specific internship can help elevate me to
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