Essay On Public Service Workers

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Fight for Your Right! Should public-service workers have the right to strike? After all, they are humans that work jobs and deserve a fair amount for their services. But, what would happen if there were no police around nor firefighters to do their job? Things would obviously be a mess. You have to weigh these options and figure out which one is more important. Should we make public-service workers do their jobs even if they are working under a poor conditions or hardly getting paid to feed their families, or should we let them strike over their own benefits and let the area become a complete wasteland? I am here to say that public-service workers should not have the right to strike for more benefits. First of all, the area in which…show more content…
We are paying for workers’ salaries. Therefore, they work for the hard working people of the United States. It isn’t fair that we pay our fair share in taxes (at least most of us) and we aren’t getting anything in return. We pay a good portion of our earnings paying for protection, education, and transportation. What does this do if police officers aren’t there to protect us from danger or teachers aren’t there to educate our children? We are basically just burning our hard fought dollars. This is yet another reason that public-service workers shouldn’t be able to strike, but to therefore work for…show more content…
This claim is inaccurate. These workers should create a bill or proposition saying they deserve more pay, and they should let the U.S. Senate vote on it. If they proposed some sort of plan to get them paid more money, they wouldn’t have to strike and our problems would solved. We should let the officials of the United States decide if what is being given is a fair amount. They should decide if what they are being paid is or is not enough. That is why we elect these officials. If these service workers aren’t getting paid enough, then they will vote that they should be paid. This is a better solution to solve the issue of not being paid enough rather than striking and affecting our
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