Essay On Quality Of Information With Sky

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Quality of information with Sky can be improved in many ways, however these ways don’t just relate to Sky but most organisations. It important that the quality of information is good otherwise it will be messy and confusing when the information is needed for a meeting or a project. Here are just some ways that information can be improved with Sky.
Improving information quality
Information that is sourced must be made sure that where it was sourced from is reliable, data that is collected from a primary source is often valid reliable and trustworthy. However if data is collected from a secondary source its validity is questioned, a secondary source must be checked that it is valid and up to date to make sure that there are no problems when
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For example at Sky if the research team were asking for additional funding to create a touch screen controller for the Sky box, if the numbers and figures for the touch screen development market were not correct then the person they were bidding to would be told invalid information and would have been lied to resulting in no money going into the development as they would deem the research team as untrustworthy with data let alone money.
Improving the information flow
Information flow can be improved at Sky easily, the flow can be made more efficient and more effective for all the employees who work there.
Team specific communication is one way the flow can be improved, for example teams can be paired with one another in order to let the information flow easier. For example the marketing team can be paired with one another, the sales team can give a report of how many new Sky customers and what ages they are which then in turn can cause the marketing team to create advertisements in order to cater to that age range and gain more customers.
Once the flow is improved and a communication flow has been established the person sending the information must ensure that the recipient has only the necessary information and not anything extra. This will make it
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