Essay On Racial Injustice

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One incident I know of is about my mother and how so was treated unfairly based on her race. When my mom was younger she use to hate to go to school, she would kick and scream and fight with her mom every morning to try and not to go to school. But her mom (my grandma) never knew why. One day when me and my mom were talking she told me why she always hated to go to school. She told me that every day in grade school this guy would bully her everyday because she was dark skinned. He would call her horrible names because she was black. Ever since then she thought that he skin was ugly and she hated going to school.

This judgement was extremely wrong because you cannot judge someone for something they cannot control. It’s not her fault that her
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A few years ago when I fort started high school I became really self concious about my appearance, like any normal hormonal high schooler would. I began to tear myself down by thinking I was too dark. I would always see these beautiful light skinned girl in magazines or when I got into makeup there wasn’t a lot of products for my complexion. I began to become ashamed of who i was, but when my mom told me her story it made me realize that i shouldn't be ashamed of who I am. Like I said before I cannot control what skin complexion I have and now I wouldn’t want to. Hearing My mom story made appreciate being brown. I now have a newfound appreciation for my skin color and everything about myself.

Hoping to end intolerance I hope to by being kind to any and everyone no matter who they are or what they look like. Also by stopping or standing up for any bullying i see. Most of america agrees that judging people based on race or religion is wrong, yet there are still a few who do it anyway, why? The only way to stop people from judging based on their look is to just stop. There is no secret to it. We just as people have to learn kindness and not to judge. As the saying goes “ don’t judge a book by it cover”, it’s just not right. Everyone should be seen as equals no matter race, religion, or
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