Essay On Racial Tension

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There’s Tension, But Why?
All you have to do is turn on the t.v. and you can tell there’s a lot of racial tension, it has always been there, but now there’s one difference, the media. The media is playing a huge role in the tension surrounding racial discrimination, by spreading it everywhere. Now that the tension’s there is there any particular race or culture or maybe a community that has the spotlight? Could there be groups or people making it worse, would the media play a role in this too? Have there been groups like this in the past? So what community does have the spotlight right now?
Right now most of the spotlight lies mostly on the black community. The spotlight lies on the community, for the reason that a lot of tension is being aroused around the recent police shootings. You see the majority of the tension is created through the argument that police shoot more black Americans that white. But, according to The Washington Post there were 991 people shot and killed by the police in 2015, out of those 495 were white and only 258 black people. So why is there so much more attention on black shootings than white.
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They are doing this by simply by spreading the stories about the black shootings more than the white. You may not believe this, but like I said earlier all you have to do is turn on the t.v.. One group that is heavily involved with the current movement , that is causing the tension, is Black Lives Matter, or BLM. BLM gets involved with the movement by setting up protest’s, but the only problem with this is that these protests tend to get violent, or they disrupt daily life. An example of this is one of the latest protests they got involved in was in Charlotte, where the got on the interstate and blocked it.Are their actions believed to work, or are they just causing more harm to their movement? This leads us into our next topic of, have there been groups like this in the
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