Essay On Railroad Crossing

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Many people die at railroad crossings usually because they don't remember what they are told or just don't care. One thing that most people do is not slow down, slowing down is probably the most important thing to do at a railroad crossing because most of the time he train is going faster. Also, another big reason is because they go out at night and think that a train is not coming because they don't see a light, but that's not the case because the trains light could've gone out and he only has a horn so he blows the horn late then SPLAT. Another thing is when a car breaks down in the middle of a railroad crossing it pretty smart to get out and get out of the way of the train. The not so smart way is too try and push the car off or actually…show more content…
Another factor is it can accelerate to 55 mph in 19 seconds, yeah its a long time but that's because its a huge piece of machinery and its just really really big and heavy. Many people just try to drive around the gates when they are down, but why though? Those type of people are the type that just don't care about anyone else safety but their own. There are special type of vehicles that have to abide different rules when crossing, one of them is a school bus. A school bus should always have to stop and listen for the train before going, then when the coast id clear they can then go but it is advised to not shift gears. Another one is like a semi truck, they still have to follow the same rules as a bus but they are carrying a heavier load than the bus and it should take a little bit longer to get going. The whole train system is confusing to most, but it really shouldn't be that hard to just stop for 5 minutes and wait for that train to come by rather than to get hit by the big behemoth. This lesson has taught me more than I knew about trains and just train crossing in
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