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Literacy is a very big part of life. A person with adequate literacy skills is more likely to succeed. They have a higher ability to communicate effectively and interpret important information. Without literacy, I believe that the world would be a very bland place to live. There would be no excitement or communication. If we could not read, then how would we learn anything? How would we know right from wrong? How would we be able to communicate effectively? Literacy is a very big part of life and without it, we would not be able to be a functioning society. As a kid, I never had a real interest in reading. I would dread when I was assigned a reading assignment. Every night, in elementary, we did this paper called a Reading…show more content…
When I was in 7th grade, my friend always had her face buried in a book. There was this one book in particular that she never put down. She read in the morning on the bus, during lunch, during recess, during stations, and even sometimes when the teacher was teaching. One day I asked her about the book and I saw her face immediately light up and she asked if I wanted to read it. I was hesitant at first but after seeing how passionate she was about it, I gave it a try. The first couple of days I didn’t even touch the book, but one day I was really bored so I decided to maybe read a chapter or two. At first I was kind of skeptical and I could not get into it. However after the third or fourth page, I couldn’t stop reading, and in all honestly, I was so lost in the book, I didn’t even realize I was that far along. I ended up reading the book in 2 days and I absolutely loved it. I love the feeling of being lost in the imagery. After I read the book, I had finally realized why she loved it so much, she could relate to it very well. She was bullied a lot in school, and so was the girl in the book. The book was about this middle schooler who didn’t fit in and she always got picked on. However one day this girl stood up for her during lunch and then they quickly began friends. I was that friend. However instead of lunch it was in the morning before school. I felt such a great connection to the book and my friend. Ever since then, I have had a strange love for reading. My
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