Essay On Recidivism

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The recidivism rate is important to research to see if released prisoner’s re-enters prison or jail and with or without new sentence within a three-year period. I would like to know if there are any specific reasons why people continue to commit crimes. Is it because they are institutionalized, they don’t have anywhere to live and this is place for food and shelter, is it because they don’t know how to do anything else, is it a combination of these things or something else. I would also like to know if rehabilitation is possible and why recidivism is imperative. Bowman and Travis show what the attributes are that causes a person to re-enter the criminal justice system. They state that it is more likely that a person who is a racial or…show more content…
This was a mediation program that was centered upon cognitive-behavioral principles, that are concentrated on fluctuating disruptive attitudes. It is a task to choose a pertinent risk factors in an assessment formulation for a client for every scientific evaluater and practitioner. In a group environment several factors such as attitudes, employment, and interpersonal conflict may predict negative outcomes. However, being able to ascertain mechanisms of transformation inside a client is the core of accepting the content processes of intercessions that dynamic danger areas are of the utmost significance. Before examining the mechanisms of conversion there has to be an indication that pertinent risk factor can be regularly altered, and it can decrease undesirable results.
There is insufficient data regarding mechanisms of change although there is proof of effective correctional intervention to reduce crime. In addition to understanding the reasoning behind causal relationships, there has to be specific factors that causes crime (substance abuse) and which ones help to prevent or at least reduce crimes. In the process of assisting with content areas, the mechanisms of alteration can also assist with an effective
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